Asian LGBT Life Quality Assessment Report

Asian LGBT Life Quality Assessment Report


Asian Development Service Group NFP (ADSG) conducted the first US survey on the quality of Asian-American LGBT lives.  It is a comprehensive study about subjects such as HIV prevention and treatment, legal rights awareness, social acceptance level, access to services, etc. The results of this survey revealed the difficulties and issues that this group faces in the United States, which provided valuable insight into the Asian LGBT community.  Click here to view the report

Latest Activities

Anti-Domestic Violence Awareness

Sexual and gender minorities are a more vulnerable group to domestic violence. Many LGBTQ victims tend to keep quiet of what they have suffered to avoid having their sexual orientation or identity discovered. It's also common for them to experience further harm once they speak out.  To help raise awareness and support the victims of domestic violence ADSG organized an event.

Information Center

Equal, Healthy, Harmonious - A Better Life for Asian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

Chicago Local LGBT Services

ADSG's first event!  This project is an outreach event with the goal of communicating the existing LGBT health and human services to the Chinese community of Chicago.  The information is provided in both Mandarin and English.  Click on the images to the left to see the information!  Read More...

Young LGBT Become the Most Vulnerable Group to HIV in China

Every year, World AIDS Day is an opportunity for governments, organizations and individuals all over the world to express their support and show their efforts in fighting against HIV. Dec 1, 2015 is the 28th World AIDS Day.  On this occasion the current HIV/AIDS situation in China was introduced.  Read More...

Volunteers- the ADSG Family

As a young and dynamic organization, ADSG welcomes all those who are interested in contributing to the Asian LGBT community to join us. It’s the passionate volunteers that make an organization energetic and productive. Our volunteer team has always been the biggest asset of all.  Read More...