Young LGBT Become the Most Vulnerable Group to HIV in China

BallonsEvery year, World AIDS Day is an opportunity for governments, organizations and individuals all over the world to express their support and show their efforts in fighting against HIV. Dec 1, 2015 is the 28th World AIDS Day.  On this occasion the current HIV/AIDS situation in China was introduced.

Recently, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) released a report on the national HIV/AIDS epidemic. According to the report, there are 575,000 people living with HIV in China, which is about 0.06% of the mass population of Chinese. So far 177,000 people have died from AIDS.

Noticeably, 97,000 new cases of HIV infection have been reported from January to October 2015. 93.8% of the new cases were transmitted through sexual contact, one-third of them were from same-sex sexual conduct. MSM (men who have sex with men) are the most vulnerable group to HIV infection. In 2015, 8% of MSM were infected with HIV.

According to China CDC, there is a significant increase of HIV infection among youth and students. 2,662 youth and students were infected with HIV in 2015, and that number is 27.8% more than the number reported in the previous year. The major method for HIV transmission among youth and students is same-sex sexual conduct. At the “World AIDS Day Conference” that was held in Shanghai on Dec 1, 2015, Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission announced that 88% of the youth and students are infected with HIV through same-sex sexual behavior.

Such an astonishing statistic shows that HIV and sexual health education for the young is badly in China. More effort needs to be made to improve the public awareness of HIV/AIDS and to prevent young people from HIV infection.

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